Founded in Montreal in 2014, École de Pensée was born with the idea of revisiting the traditional menswear wardrobe with a nonchalant approach that embodies the brand's philosophy and identity. Always made with the greatest attention to detail, all the pieces are crafted in Europe using fabrics that are meticulously selected from English, Italian and Japanese mills.

Defined under the term “new wave tailoring”, the brand offers a new angle that deconstructs the formal tailoring codes. The way of wearing and interpreting the pieces is inspired by the very personal way of consuming art and culture. The founders’ deep interest in alternative cultural movements, spontaneous art forms and photography is in fact the central element around which the brand’s universe evolves. Drawing inspiration from local cultural roots; the Canadian and Québecois art movements of the 40's and beyond, ÉdP's designs radiate an avant-garde spirit that challenges norms and celebrates the beauty of spontaneity.

It's important to note that these artistic movements that once challenged boundaries have largely faded away from the public and remain relatively unknown on the international stage. Yet, the free spirit approach to creativity of the artists that lead those movements continues to inspire the brand. The collections reflect their nonchalant yet deliberate lifestyle, offering everyday wearability that doesn't compromise style. École de Pensée™ infuses their forgotten energy and style into its garments, rekindling their legacy for a new generation.

ÉdP is an independent label, but before all else, it is a collaboration between its designers. A collaboration that takes shape through a confrontation between their creative minds, influencing and challenging each other, that results in a common vision of fashion. In fact, it is their common vision, or in other words their own “école de pensée”, that led to the brand’s name. Far from ostentation and tawdriness, École de Pensée rather falls within a sober approach according to which luxury must go hand in hand with humility, discretion and tastefulness.

* In 2023, École de Pensée was elected Canadian Menswear Designer of the Year at the CAFA Awards.