Spring & Summer 2020

Can a uniform only be functional?

Optional or mandatory, a uniform always influences the relation between those who wear it and their environment by distinguishing them from the public, suggesting a particular affiliation, or more drastically, by defining one’s authority and position in a hierarchy. Beyond its functional aspect, it unequivocally alters the identity of its wearer.

Often designed to be worn by both women and men, work wear is intended to be versatile or even generic. Nevertheless, it does not prevent it to become an integral part of the worker it dresses. The uniform is owned and personalized, respecting its initial purpose or not.

The Spring/summer 2020 collection is inspired by this personal appropriation of the work uniform. It reworks key pieces of traditional work wear from different fields and emphasizes personalization through styling. The collection showcases reinterpretations of garments such as the lab coat, the « bleu de travail », as well as the officer jacket. For its part, a collection of knitwear, partially altered by corrosion, suggests the state of protective clothing equipment that has gone through harsh working conditions.