Free from any influence and incentive, the imagination that guides children at a young age when they create have long been a subject of fascination. The purity that characterizes the creativity of children often results in naive artworks with unexpected shapes and flow.

While the purity of the creative process naturally vanishes when acquiring knowledge and experience, it becomes surprisingly difficult to find it back as an adult. The flow that use to be free and spontaneous becomes conscious and directed.

The Fall/Winter 2020 collection draws inspiration from this alteration of creativity by presenting a straight and mature wardrobe punctuated with references to childhood. Shirts cutting details inspired by bricolage, unusual playful pockets arrangements and hand embroidered abstract figures discreetly take shape in the severe portrait of the collection, as vestiges of a childish naivety and creative flow in adulthood.

Following this idea, the collection includes knitwear pieces showcasing some of the designers' childhood drawings that were archived. École de Pensée collaborated with London's premier embroidery house Hand & Lock for the hand embroidery of the drawings in question. Therefore, their abstract lines and shapes are reinterpreted by the expert hands of the English atelier's artisans, as an allusion to the concept of duality that leads the collection.