Selected Works 1958 – 1980 By Susan Te Kahurangi King



Selected Works 1958 – 1980 By Susan Te Kahurangi King

A selection of drawings by the New Zealand "outsider" artist, whose work, recognized late, plunges us into a grotesque and sometimes dark universe, where animals, humans with distorted bodies and cartoon characters mingle.

Suffering from a severe form of autism, the “outsider” artist Susan Te Kahurangi King (born in 1951 in Te Aroha, New Zealand, lives and works in Hamilton) very early on developed an intense practice of drawing. For several hours, she creates complex, highly detailed figures inspired by cartoon characters or advertising mascots, such as Fantaman, which she inserts into grotesque and fantastic universes. These scenes or these landscapes, expansive and cumulative, often composed of naked, distorted, intermingled bodies, which multiply, overlap and repeat themselves endlessly, sometimes reveal gaps, leaving the paper as it is. These voids probably reflect the end of a drawing, its exhaustion. Susan Te Kahurangi King first exhibited in 2009, at the age of 58, first at the Callan Park Gallery, University of Sidney, and since then internationally, at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami , at the Marlborough Gallery in London or at the American Folk Art Museum in New York.

20 pages
Edition of 150 copies
Product Dimensions: 13 x 19 cm
Publisher: Innen, 2020
City: Zürich, Switzerland

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