PRINTEMPS & ÉTÉ 2018, "La Riviera"

For its spring/summer 2018 collection, École de Pensée explores the casual side of men’s tailoring by infusing its pieces with a summer spirit imbued with lightness and comfort. Inspired by the ease that characterizes the mediterranean lifestyle, the collection presents loose cuts, light fabrics and minimal structures. Among the pieces that compose the collection, there are summer topcoats, soft blazers, tailored trousers and shorts, as well as different types of shirts. Finally, a selection of summer knits blending pima cotton and silk completes the collection. 



The collection’s identity is inspired by the mediterranean seaside lifestyle and more specifically, the one in southern France. It draws inspiration not explicitly from its aesthetic and its codes, but rather by capturing its spirit of casualness and frivolity. The soft structures, the fullness of the cuts and the vaporous drapes are therefore results of an interpretation of the concept that the French Riviera lifestyle represents. This evocation is supported by an approach that emphasizes craftsmanship, which is one of the pillars of French cultural portrait. To get this artisanal touch «à la française», École de Pensée collaborated with small ateliers in France to ensure the manufacturing of most of its tailored pieces in this summer collection. This collaboration results in meticulous tailoring, handmade details and a personality typical to the French savoir-faire.       



The fabric selection also supports the seaside spirit of the collection. With lightness at the forefront, it’s a selection of Italian and Portuguese tropical fabrics, as well as rich english linens that dresses up the tailored pieces. As for the shirts, they are tailored in different blends of cotton, linen and hemp, all woven in Japan. Among them, there are stretchy Zimbabwean cotton fabrics, crispy Typewriter poplins, chunky seersuckers, and ultra-light, almost silky, cotton twills. The color scheme also follows the same idea of lightness. It is composed of soft beiges, creme colors, and moss greens, punctuated with touches of pure white, navy and a pinch of bright burgundy. Different weights of pinstripes also feature in the collection, a bit as a nod to the emblematic stripes omnipresent in the maritime french aesthetic.